Connect to your authentic and  

Unique Voice.

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Meet Tasha Jade

Healing Practitioner and Holistic Voice Teacher

My mission as your teacher is to help you connect to your unique voice and creative path.


I believe that when artists get the clarity and Purpose to fuel their creativity, then they can use their gifts as a force of good and bad*ssery in the world.


"Tasha's been my teacher for 2 years now and it's been great! We're always laughing and learning in lessons and she's helped me think about my music in a new way."

Brooke S.

"I started with a single lesson and I didn't know much about Holistic Voice or if I'd even like it. After that, I signed up for more lessons and I'm waiting for the program to start."

Johnathan T.

"I'm usually really nervous singing in front of new people... but you got my style and my voice right away. One of the best teachers I've ever had.

Thank you!"

Sarah J.


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